God is (not) Dead

Okay so I just got done watching God is Not Dead.

Just to say, I think the plot of the story is both really well written and well executed.

For those of you who haven’t seen this movie yet, I’ll explain a little about what I’ll be talking about. So this extremely atheistic professor requires all his student to write “God is dead” on a paper, sign it, and to give to him. One student stands up to him, which infuriates the professor, saying he believes in God and that he won’t write that down. Long story short the professor makes him give presentations to his classmates to try to prove God exists.

Josh, the student, starts out by saying he does this because God wants him too, and because he thinks people should have a choice in their religion. That’s actually really great. I fully believe anyone can believe whatever they want.

It just annoys me because the movie portrays the Atheists in the movie as awful, disgusting, judgmental people SOLELY BECAUSE THEY ARE ATHEISTS. However, every single character that is a Christian are the best people who have morals, don’t judge others, and always do the right thing. It just annoys me, as a fellow Atheist, that they portray that ALL atheists are bad people. People who are automatically negatively connotated and viewed because of movies like this is portrayed in society. I am an Atheist who has morals and I’m not a bad person because of my beliefs….or lack of beliefs.

If, based on what the golden student has presented to the class, that people truly can have their own opinions, own beliefs, and own choices when it comes to religion, shouldn’t that carry over to the rest of the plot? That just because you’re a Christian it doesn’t mean you’re a good person, and just because you’re an Atheist it doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. I know mean people who practice Christianity and nice people who are religion free. If they really want you to have your own choice on the matter why in the world would they favor one over the other? Why would they so blatantly express that Atheism is far worse than anything else you can be in this world solely because it means you don’t believe in a God? I’m unsure if the creators of this movie intended it to look this way because maybe they themselves are Christian or they were trying to capture the view that society has on Atheists.

I liked the layout of the story and the overlapping relationships between the characters, but I am still not able to comprehend the goal they were looking for. If it was that Christianity rules all they certainly got it right on the money. Maybe I am taking this a little bit extreme, but the professor and the lover of a woman with cancer were both Atheists in this movie. They made them people who couldn’t feel, couldn’t hold emotion, not able to care or love or respect others, made them not have any morals. This honestly bothered me a little bit because I’m an Atheist and I have morals. I care- a little too much sometimes. I have emotions- and I express them too much at times. I love, care, and respect people around me- too much. And I’m an Atheist.

Now, there was one situation where the bad person wasn’t an atheist, but a Muslim. He kicked his own daughter out of the house because she wanted to follow Jesus. Why was everyone who wasn’t a Christian portrayed as a horrible person? That’s what I don’t understand. I do understand though, that they need to show the negative effects of religion in certain aspects… but why didn’t they show any negative results from Christianity? Just saying.

This is very much my views about this whole subject.

This is very much my views about this whole subject.

I hope that this just opens people’s eyes that religion doesn’t define the stereotype of who you are and who you want to become. I’m sure people will despise me after I tell them I’m an Atheist. I’m sure of it. But that doesn’t make me the bad person. You can have morals without following The Bible. You can be a good person without following Judaism. You can even do yoga without being Buddhist. You just do you. I love people who are Christian. I love people who are Atheist. I love people for people and NOT their religion. I only ask that you don’t base your opinions on someone because of their religion, you base your opinions on someone by how much love, respect, kindness, and hope is filled in their hearts.