gotta start somewhere

¡Hola ustedes bonitas personas!

If anyone is reading this, I’m new to the blogging world so I’m not sure if a lot of people do the usual specific, themed blog thing. But for me this will just be me expressing my thoughts or just anything I find interesting about society, people, concepts, food… pretty much anything.

Who doesn’t want to read about a 19 year old girl’s journey of discovering herself and finding out about the world?

Yeah, me either.

If you’re even still reading, I hope that you’ll not base my entire blog off of this one awkward, de mierda first post and read some more of my stuff. If you do, I’m proud that you don’t judge by my dismal attempt of beginning a blog. You’re rad. At least read some of my posts before forming a negative opinion.

Soy la mujer con miedo y quiero superar mis miedos.

Here’s to finding ourselves in this world.